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General Card Guidelines

Tax Exemption

All purchases made on behalf of the University are exempt from Texas state sales tax. The card administrator will supply the cardholder with a tax exemption form at orientation and each time a purchase is made, the tax exemption must be requested from the vendor.

Hotel stays in the state of Texas on University business are also exempt from state sales tax and a separate form must be filled out and signed by the cardholder and presented to the hotel upon check-in. A "tax exempt number" does not exist and is not necessary to receive our tax exemption, but if the vendor insists upon receiving a number, please contact Purchasing and we will give you our Federal ID number.

Receipt of Goods and Services

The cardholder is responsible for ensuring receipt of materials and services and following up with vendors to resolve any delivery problems, discrepancies, and/or damaged goods for purchases made with the purchasing card.

Always request a receipt and save all receipts as they will be turned in to Purchasing at the end of every month.  


Unless approved by the budget officer and the card administrator, no individual transaction may be over the cardholder's established single purchase limit. Purchasing card transactions may not be split to divide a larger purchase which is over the cardholder's single purchase limit.