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Acquiring a Card

Who can get a card?

Any full-time employee authorized to sign on a University account, or any employee delegated authority by a budget officer.

How do I get a card?

The form must be filled out completely and signed by your budget officer. The standard university limits are $2,000 monthly and $500 for a single purchase, but those limits may be adjusted according to the needs of your department as long as the limits stay within your default account's budgetary availability.

Once it has been completed and signed, the form is returned to Purchasing. The application will be processed by the Purchasing department and a card will be issued — usually this process takes about one week. Once the card has been received by Purchasing, you will be called for a training session. The card will be given to you at the conclusion of that session.

The budget officer is responsible for designating cardholders and will determine cardholder spending limits and any restrictions, other than those set by this document.