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Returns, Credits & Disputes

If an item needs to be returned to a supplier, the cardholder should contact the supplier to obtain instructions. Note that some suppliers may charge a restocking fee for returns. 

If an item is accepted as a return by the supplier, a credit for this item should appear on the next month's statement. 

If a cardholder finds a discrepancy on a monthly statement, the cardholder should contact the supplier and attempt to resolve the problem directly. 

All returned, credited or disputed charges will still need to be allocated. Review of future statements is vital to ensure the account is properly credited for returns and disputed charges.

If a cardholder cannot resolve a disputed item directly with the vendor, the cardholder should contact JP Morgan Chase. The bank will place the charge in a "State of Dispute" and the account may be given a provisional credit until receipt of adequate documentation from the vendor.

If the documentation appears to be in order, the transaction will be re-posted to the account and the dispute considered closed. If the charge is suspected to be fraudulent, the card will be immediately blocked, continue to have a provisional credit (if given) and an investigation of the charge will continue. A new card will then be reissued to the cardholder, if appropriate. If the charge appears to be legitimate, the transaction will then post to the new account.