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Liberal Studies with EC-6 Core Subjects and M.Ed. Early Admission

Degree Requirements

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Degree Requirements

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Liberal Studies with Core Subjects EC-6 Education, B.S./M.Ed.

The Fifth Year Option B.S/M.Ed. program provides students with an undergraduate degree in Liberal Studies Bachelor of Science with Core Subjects EC-6 Education and with a Master in Education degree with a concentration in Reading Specialist and Writing or in Second Language Education and Culture. By meeting requirements for the two degrees simultaneously, students are able to earn the B.S./M.Ed. in a shorter length of time than if each of these degrees were pursued separately. The combined B.S./M.Ed. degree program gives students who plan to become Texas certified teachers the capability to complete the certification program hours of study required by the Texas State Board of Education. The two degrees may be completed in approximately five years. Enrollment must be continual and in consecutive semesters. Applicants are initially admitted into the Teacher Education Program and must follow the degree requirements of Liberal Studies Bachelor of Science with Core Subjects EC-6 Education. Students must apply for the M.Ed. program after completing 90 hours. Applicants to the Fifth Year Option degree program must meet the admission requirements of both the undergraduate and the graduate programs, and follow the application procedures for the respective programs.

Available to Wesleyan undergraduates who are Liberal Studies Bachelor of Science with Core Subject EC-6 Education, the Fifth Year Option allows outstanding students to combine a bachelor’s degree with the Master of Education (M.Ed.), completing both in five years.

To be considered for admission to the Fifth Year Option, students must submit a Fifth Year Option application after they complete 90 hours at the University. Only Fifth Year Option applicants demonstrating superior undergraduate academic performance and strong recommendation for faculty members will be considered for admission to the Fifth Year Option.

If admitted to the Fifth Year Option, a student may complete up to 9 semester hours of the M.Ed. program during the fourth year of undergraduate study. The student’s Liberal Studies Bachelor of Science with Core Subject EC-6 Education will be posted and the student will continue in the M.Ed. program. During the fifth year at Texas Wesleyan University, the student will complete the remaining semester hours and requirements toward the M.Ed. degree, graduating with the M.Ed.

Enrollment in the Fifth Year Option must be continual and in consecutive semesters. If a Fifth Year Option student does not enroll continuously or consecutively, his/her degree plan will default to the standard 30-hour M.Ed. program.

Additional information on admission criteria, the admission process, and graduation from the program may be found in the University Catalog.

General Education Curriculum (40)

The Education program uses a modified version of the General Education Curriculum (GEC) listed in this Catalog.

Complete Graduation Requirements are listed in this catalog.


ENG 1301Composition I3 Credits
ENG 1302Composition II3 Credits

one of the following courses:

ENG 2324Introduction to Creative Writing3 Credits
ENG 2326Exploring American Lit3 Credits
ENG 2327Exploring World Lit3 Credits
ENG 2328Exploring British Lit3 Credits

Exercise Science

EXS 1220Basic Concepts of Wellness2 Credits

Fine Arts

any 3 hour FAR, MUS or THA


HIS 2324Fundamentals of Modern American History3 Credits

choose one of the following:

HIS 2301World History to 16483 Credits
HIS 2303World History Since 16483 Credits


MAT 1302College Algebra3 Credits

Natural Science

CHE 1403Nature of Physical Science4 Credits
NSC 1402Introductory Astronomy4 Credits


choose 3 hours from the following:

REL 1311Introduction to Jewish Scriptures3 Credits
REL 1312Introduction to Christian Scriptures3 Credits
REL 1313Introduction to Ethics3 Credits
REL 1321Introduction to Comparative Religions3 Credits
REL 1323Introduction to Interfaith Leadership3 Credits

Social Science

choose two of the following:

ECO 2305Principles of Economics I3 Credits
POL 2311American Government I3 Credits
PSY 1301General Psychology3 Credits

Required Related Courses

Exercise Science

EXS 2201Hlth Phys Ed Activties for Elem Teachers2 Credits


HIS 3322History of Texas3 Credits


GEG 2304World Geography3 Credits


MAT 1304Math for Liberal Arts3 Credits
MAT 1305Adv Fda of Math for Teachers3 Credits

Natural Science*

* All EC-6 candidates are required to complete a minimum of 3 math and 3 science courses as a part of their degree plan.
BIO 1406Contemporary Biology4 Credits

Major Requirements

Professional Development

EDU 2100Foundations of Education1 Credit

EDU 3310Multicultural Education3 Credits

EC-6 Pedagogy

EDU 2208Fine Arts Elementary2 Credits
EDU 2341Instr/Assess/Class Mgt EC-123 Credits
EDU 3318Intro to Early Childhood Education3 Credits
EDU 3319Math for Elementary School Teachers3 Credits
EDU 3320Science for Elementary School Teachers3 Credits
EDU 3338Technology for Classroom Instr3 Credits
EDU 4331Differ Instr Mix-Ability K-12 Classrm3 Credits
EDU 4340Envir Process/Assess for E C-63 Credits
EDU 4348Social Studies for Element Schl Teachers3 Credits


RDG 3322Children's Lit3 Credits
RDG 4345Teach Wrtg in Elem Classrm3 Credits
RDG 4401Beginning Literacy4 Credits
RDG 4402Intermediate Literacy4 Credits

English as a Second Language

EDU 4317English As a Second Language Methodology3 Credits

Clinical Teaching

EDU 4611Clinical Teaching6 Credits


(Students may choose to enroll in elective coursework; will add hours to degree.)

M.Ed. Major Requirements

Required Courses

EDU 6305Psychosocial Dimensions in Edu3 Credits
EDU 6364Using Data to Improve Education3 Credits

Concentration area (choose one)

Reading Specialist and Writing

EDU 6326Writing Institute I3 Credits
EDU 6327Writing Institute II3 Credits
RDG 6321Reading & Writing Seminar3 Credits
RDG 6319Foundations of Rdg3 Credits
RDG 6320Diag/Rem Rdg Diff3 Credits
RDG 6324Reading Clinic3 Credits
one of the following:
RDG 6322Reading Practicum3 Credits

Advisor Approved Elective3 Credits
one of the following:
RDG 6345Rdg Content Area-Ele3 Credits
RDG 6346Rdg Content Area-Secondary3 Credits

Second Language Education and Culture

EDU 6320Culturally Responsive Teching Methods3 Credits
EDU 6356App Lingistics in the Div Urban Classroo3 Credits
EDU 6357Cross-Cultural Communications3 Credits
EDU 6358Improving practice Internship3 Credits
EDU 6360Language Acquisition3 Credits
RDG 6320Diag/Rem Rdg Diff3 Credits

any 6 graduate hours with approval of the program advisor6 Credits

Total Hours (150)

Modified GEC, Related Requirements and Major Requirements established for EC-6 programs.

Timeline for students who are considering the Fifth Year Option:

  1. Financial Aid advising;
  2. Apply for admission during/upon 90 hours completed;
  3. Meet admission requirements, one-time spring admission;
  4. Acceptance letter received;
  5. Senior year schedule of undergraduate program as listed below:

    Fall first semester:

    Complete final undergraduate clinical teaching coursework

    One required graduate course and other undergraduate coursework as needed

    Spring second semester:

    Two required graduate courses

    Summer third/fourth semesters:

    3-4 graduate courses in concentration area and/or

    Travel and Teach option as electives

    Enroll in Fifth Year schedule:

    Fall fifth semester:

    Two graduate courses

    Spring sixth semester:

    One graduate course

    Total graduate hours 30

  6. Successfully pass comprehensive exams spring or summer semester.
  7. Graduate May or August of Fifth year.