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Become an expert sociologist.
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Become an expert sociologist.

Study society – groups, ideas and cultures – in classrooms sized for discussion. You’ll learn theory, statistics and research skills in a classroom rich with diversity in experience, thought and idea. What’s more, you’ll learn how to express those ideas with courses that develop your writing and analytical reasoning skills.

Sociology Quick Facts

What are some potential careers?
  • Management
  • Social Services
  • Marketing
  • Research
What courses would I take?
  • Minority Groups
  • Deviant Behavior
  • Social Problems
  • Sociological Perspective on Psychology
  • Family Violence
What else can I do?
  • Learn the field firsthand at an internship
  • Meet your peers through the sociology honor society Alpha Kappa Delta
  • Make a difference in the Domestic Violence Alliance
  • Get active! Join the Sociology Club
Where are students now?
  • Working for major corporations like Bank of America
  • Helping others through government or church-sponsored service programs
  • Attending graduate schools across the country
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