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Admitted Students

DNAP Student Checklist

Congratulations on being accepted into the program! There are still a few things you need to do before you can start classes. Download your checklist and follow our steps below to make sure you've got everything covered. 

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Accept your seat and pay your deposit

You must accept your seat in the program and confirm the clinical site assigned to you within 14 days of notification. Acceptance is done electronically, and instructions will be sent via email.  

How do I pay my deposit?

You must accept your seat and pay your seat deposit within 14 calendar days of receipt of the acceptance notification. Submit your payment at any time within 14 days to pay your seat deposit. This $1,500 deposit is non-refundable. 

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Complete Credentialing

Credentialing is due by June 15 so that we can finalize your seat. 

You can check the status of your new student requirements at any time by logging into the student application portal at All your paperwork must be completed by June 15 before you will be registered for classes. 

What do I need to submit?

Instructions on how to complete your credentialing paperwork will be emailed to you after you accept your seat and pay your deposit. You’ll need to submit:  

  • Medical Clearance Form 
  • Clinical Site Requirements 
  • Background Check 
  • Current Passport Photo
  • Required Immunization and vaccination records. 
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If required, take your chemistry or algebra course

You must complete a college-level chemistry course within three years of the start of your program with a grade of B or better. At any point, you must have also completed a college-level algebra class with a grade of B or better —it does not have to be completed in the last three years.

If you need to meet this requirement, you must complete your college-level chemistry and/or algebra course and submit your final transcripts by June 15 of your start year. 

What classes should I take?


  • We recommend taking general chemistry, organic chemistry or biochemistry to fulfill the requirement
  • We will not accept any courses that are labeled as “Intro” to chemistry or courses for non-science majors
  • A lab is not required


  • All students must have a college-level algebra course with a grade of B or better 
  • Statistics cannot be substituted for the algebra requirement
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Prepare your finances 

The Financial Aid and Cashier's Office can help you make a payment, discover different financial aid options, fill out your FAFSA and more. Have a question? They have all the answers. 

How do I set up financial aid and payment plans?

You will be able to accept your financial aid using your Ramlink account. Log in using your TXWES username and password. 


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Move to Fort Worth

Fort Worth is “where the west begins.” Known for its western flare and cowboy history, Fort Worth offers residents and visitors a great American West experience, rich in arts and culinary treasures. Texas Wesleyan is only minutes away from downtown. Discover things to do in Fort Worth. 

When will I need to move?
  • You'll need to live in Fort Worth for the first 12 months of the program (August - August) because you'll be taking full-time courses on campus. 
  • The next 4 months (August-December) are completely online, so you can choose to:
    • Stay in Fort Worth
    • Move to your clinical site
    • Move back home
  • Starting in January of your fifth semester, you will need to be at your clinical site. The clinical portion of your program is 20 months. 
Where can I live on campus?

As you are looking for a place to live in Fort Worth, you can consider campus housing. Below are links for our newest housing option, The Rosedale, and on-campus living.

The Rosedale Campus Living

Cost is based on the 2023-24 academic year and is per person.

Where can I find an apartment?

Moving to Fort Worth? Check out our list of the top recommended Fort Worth apartments by fellow students.  

Not sure what kind of lease to get? If your clinical site is not located in Dallas - Fort Worthwe recommend one of the following lease options: 

  • 15 or 16-month lease and stay in Fort Worth until you start clinicals – August through December of the following year 
  • 12-month lease and move back home or to your clinical site – August to August  

Either way, you must be in Fort Worth by August of your first semester and ayour clinical site by January of your fifth semester. 

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Get to know Texas Wesleyan

At Texas Wesleyan, our intentionally small campus has a Texas-sized reputation and a rich history. Get to know a little more about the University and its "Smaller. Smarter." tradition by visiting our campus or viewing virtual tour video  

Student Amenities

As a student, you also have plenty of amenities available to you. Check out our library, get a workout in at the fitness center or visit any of our dining spots on campus.  

Ram Sports

Are you a big sports fan? Texas Wesleyan has a wide variety of collegiate sports, including football, basketball, wrestling, volleyball and more. When you need a study break, cheer on the Rams! Visit to find a schedule of games or get the latest information on recent games. 


Parking on campus is free, but you’ll need to get your vehicle registered with the Security Office. Fill out the vehicle registration form and take it to the library circulation desk, located on the first floor of the West Library (view campus map).

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Prepare for class

You’ll be registered around early April after your credentialing is complete. Be on the lookout for an email with your class schedule. Please note that classes are subject to change 

In the first year of the program, you'll follow the traditional academic calendar. Please refer to the academic calendar for class start dates and final exam schedules. Once you begin clinicals, you will have a different schedule. 

What kind of computer do I need?

View the computer requirements for the recommended laptops, operating systemssoftware and hardware and internet connection you will need. Please do not purchase Chromebooks - they do not meet the requirements needed for this program.  

You will also need to purchase a privacy screen.  

Please install: 

What textbooks will I need?

A textbook list will be sent to you in June. Please look out for information from the anesthesia department.  

What can I study before classes start?

Come better prepared by studying over the summer. Purchase and use a nursing math competency workbook — it’s going to be extremely helpful when you’re asked to do quick calculations.  

You can also study inorganic and organic concepts from any of your previous chemistry classes.  

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Prepare for your first day

Orientation is on the first and second day of the program. After a two-day orientation, you will begin your regular class schedule.  

What should I bring on the first day?

We'll take a group photo, so come photo-ready and in business casual attire. Don't forget your laptop, charger, privacy screen, pen, paper and possibly a jacket – the lecture hall can get cold. 
You'll also become a member of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists on your first day. It's required for the program, so please bring a credit card to pay for your membership. It's $200. 

RSVP for PASS Brunch

Make sure to RSVP for you and one support partner (a relative or friend) for the Partners in Anesthesia Student Success (PASS) brunch on the second day of your program.  

PASS is a support group of friends and relatives of anesthesia residents at Texas Wesleyan University. Equipped with a broad understanding of the program's requirements and rigor, you and your support partner will be provided with support techniques to help you succeedYou will also get to network with fellow PASS members to provide interaction and support.